Acquisitions Inc

Intro to acquisitions

A cool mist fills the morning air as the twin falls of which fallcrest is named spill calmly into the river. The morning sun sends rays glistening through the mist, and the city slowly comes to life. The inns patrons begin populating the streets once again and the market stalls open for business. It is a slow summer morning for acquisitions inc. there stall only holding a few patrons. Bloodscale begins to look over some finer details in his log, making sure that todays business runs smoothly. There is a big day ahead, the upper management will be embarking on a 3 week journey in search of unique goods for the shop. It will be up to Thoradil, Bloodscales most trusted shop keeper to look after the shop and make sure the shop is operational while they are away.

To be continued…


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